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While I was pouring, I thought to myself, this is not going to work. Unfortunately, the soap glue thickened too quickly, probably the essential oil was to blame. I was all the more amazed when I unmolded the soap. Wow, who would have thought? All the pieces different and I'm in soap bliss!

The pattern has a strong psychedelic feel to it. Am I yet a child of the 60 iger years is me psychedelic art a term. Nevertheless, I had to ask the ladies of Google how they define "psychedelic".

"Psychedelic art often also called English Psychedelic Art or Psychedelia, refers to an ambiguously defined style of contemporary art based on the experimental use of mind-expanding drugs and attempts to reproduce these sensory impressions in visual art, film, music and literature.

Reflecting the countercultural movement of the 1960s, the Beat Generation, and the hippie movement, many underground artists, designers, painters, writers, and musicians invoked psychedelic experiences and related them in words, sounds, and images." (Source Wikipedia)

What I find particularly exciting is that no two pieces are alike, yet when you put them all together, they create a harmonious whole for the viewer.

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