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Online courses on the art of soap boiling

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The art of soap boiling

20 years of soap boiling tells a story. Soap boiling is not only a creative hobby. The use of natural soap has an important ecological aspect. It is not only caring for our skin, but also quickly and fully biodegradable. Taking care of ourselves allows individual care and, besides, we significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

Would you like to learn about the art of soap boiling and create your own soap? I would be happy to share many years of practical experience with you in the form of workshops (only in german) and online courses (comming soon). You want to turn your hobby into a profession or deepen special techniques? I will be happy to accompany you and offer individual one-on-one coaching on request.

Ein Leben für die Seife



With this free downloadable recipe you can make your own coconut milk soap. If you want to pamper your skin with natural ingredients, nourishing coconut milk is just the thing!

Seifensieder marmorierte Seife
Seifensieder Buch Naturseife selber machen

My vision is to ...

... revitalize the art of soap making

... do good for the skin and the environment, as soap is fast and completely biodegradable

... to share many years of experience with you

Soap boiling online courses

In simple steps I explain how to make your individual natural soap. You will learn and understand the process of saponification. The combination of theory and practice  gives you the basic knowledge you need to work independently at home.
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My books

After many years of soap boiling and thousands of soaps, I was allowed to bundle my knowledge in two books that unite a lot of heart and soul. You will find numerous tips and tricks, information on the subject of natural soap, curd soap, soft soap and soap recycling.

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Online Kurs Seifensieden

Online course: Soap boiling (basic course)

55 min | 60€

"Handmade natural cosmetics was never just a profession for me, but a vocation. The independence from trade not a hobby, but a necessity."

Barbara Freyberger, founder of Seifensieder

Seifensieder voucher

Seifensieder voucher

Online course: Soap boiling basic course

Seifensieder voucher

Seifensieder voucher

Online course: Soap boiling for advanced learners

Seifensieder voucher

Seifensieder voucher

Online course: Soap boiling for advanced learners

Gift vouchers for your loved ones

Discover now the gift vouchers for four different online courses or choose an individual voucher value yourself!

You can give away this online voucher as a PDF to your loved ones. The voucher contains a QR code, which will redirect the recipient directly to the online course. Using the password, the course can be accessed at any time. All my soap boiling online courses are without any time limit.


Satisfied customers

Testimonial Sarah Seifensieden

"This is my second soap boiling course and I am really excited!
Having already mastered the basics of soap boiling, it's a good thing that there's a lot of emphasis on appearance and coloring in the course where you can try all kinds of new things!
I especially like Barbara's approach of using only natural raw materials and color additives."

Testimonial Reem soap boiling
Reem Al Kaisy

"I think the soap boiling course is just awesome. The course was super structured with theory at the beginning and a lot of practice in the afternoon. In a pleasant ambience, the process of soap boiling was explained to us clearly, simply and with an essential focus on mindfulness when dealing with hazardous materials."

Testimonial Waltraud soap boiling

"Thanks to your course, I have a new hobby: making natural cosmetics myself. We were allowed to take many bars of soap, which was a particular highlght. The papers Barbara handed out to us are really detailed. Her book is the perfect supplement to continue working well at home."

Seifensieden Muster

I often get questions about soap boiling and making natural cosmetics myself, so I would like to share my experiences.

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