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It's a pleasure to pass on knowledge, information and years of experience in courses.
From 2014, I was invited to the GEA Academy as a speaker and, still, I enjoy teaching in the Waldviertel. The focus is on "soap boiling and ointment cooking", "natural cosmetics", "make your own soft soap and ecological washing alternatives" and "the healing power of roots".
From 2015, I began working as a lecturer at the Vitalakademie in the training course "Kräuterpädagoge/in" in Vienna, Lower Austria and Graz. Teaching topics are "soap boiling and herbal washing alternatives", "natural cosmetics", "the healing power of roots", "smoking" and "plant ingredients".

Till today, working with and teaching people is enriching to me.

My next dates for soap boiling workshops

Intensive soap boiling: 15.10.23 (fully booked), 25.11.23, 09.12.23
Soap boiling for advanced: 26.11.23


Individual coaching

On request, I am happy to offer individual coachings. Through many years of practical experience, I have been able to acquire lots of knowledge. Often, special questions or recurring problems arise in the production of soaps.
If you want to turn your hobby into a profession, self-employment can also be a topic.

Maybe you own a company and want to offer your own soap collection in addition but need support in the process of recipe development? The commercialization of cosmetic products is linked with a lot of bureaucracy. There are many legal requirements and hurdles to overcome.

I will be happy to answer your questions on the following topics:

  •   Trade regulations, business registration

  •   Safety assessments - product information files

  •   Individual soap recipes/recipe development

  •   Advertising statements

  •   Notifications in the EU

  •   Industrial premises

  •   Labelling of cosmetic products

  •   Natural cosmetics or certified natural cosmetics

  •   Food controls

Please send your request by e-mail to:

Soap boiling coaching
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