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About me & my books

Many of my course participants and customers have asked me how I actually came to soap. After 12 years as a self-employed make up & hair artist, I was no longer a stranger to natural cosmetics, especially color cosmetics. When my two daughters were born, I questioned the ingredients in cosmetics even more than before and made many things myself.

Barbara Freyberger

Barbara Freyberger

Founder of Seifensieder

At that time, there were no books, no forums, and hardly any information about soapmaking on the internet. Here I was, questions upon questions, the apprentice and no master in sight.

Many bars of soap ended up in the trash and it took a while before I could hold my first bar of soap in my hands.


The soap fever had gripped me.

This passion has not let me go until today. I quit my job and founded "Seifensieder".

A place where certified organic soaps of various kinds, homemade soft soap and bile soap as well as natural cosmetics were handmade with much love. My training as a certified herbal coach (2012), certified herbal educator (2013), and green cosmetics educator (2014) complement my knowledge. More and more the focus shifted to the healing power of herbs. The idea to create natural cosmetics in the annual cycle, to incorporate forgotten and time-honored knowledge into my recipes arose. To come one step closer to naturalness.

Natural soap for household

"Make your own natural soap"

Pure care from essential oils and herbs

After many years in soapmaking and thousands of soaps, I was allowed to bundle my knowledge in the form of a book with a lot of heart and soul. On 160 pages you will find numerous tips and tricks as well as 30 different recipes.

I would like to thank my dear friend Sabine Reichlmayer ( for her dedication and all the beautiful pictures. Without her, the book would not have become what it is.
My book is available online (only in German and French):

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