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This year is my personal Soap Challenge year and I have my heart set on trying lots of new techniques. Unfortunately, or thankfully, some free time is available due to the constant downtime of all my classes.

This time, it's all about leftover recycling. Of course, not just about leftover recycling, but how I can make a creative bar of soap out of it :-).

I found an older, white bar of soap. At first I wanted to make a confetti soap and finely grate the bar of soap and incorporate it into my soap glue, but then I changed my mind.

I've been wanting to try out my new soap plane for a while anyway. No sooner said than done. The blade is adjustable in different ways and so I blithely planed away. There are relatively thick pieces that were immovable emerged.

These I put in my mold and draped. Other was not possible. And because I was just after chocolate and coffee, these have flowed into my olive oil base. As a topping still a little honey and Shea butter. My bruised hands want to be cared for. And the soap recipe was ready.

And voilà, the result can be seen. What do you say?

I'll be sure to give it another test and scrape the pickling pieces with a potato peeler to create more delicate textures.

I am in the pickling fever!

Your Barbara


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