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The show must go on and therefore I have put me last week again at the stove. This time it had to be something fresh, and one thing was certain from the start - Nanaminze as Muntermachter missing in the bath.

I am always delighted with this pouring technique. Known as Pot Swirl (pot = pot), it creates beautiful, organic patterns.

Because this technique is easy, it is especially suitable for beginners. But also advanced users are happy to just give up control for once and impatiently count the days until finally the soap bar may be unmolded.

The technique consists of pouring colored soap glue one after the other into a larger bowl with a beak. Subsequently, this of the long side of the mold pivoting, so from the left mold edge to the right mold edge, poured.

This and 3 other techniques I present in the online course Advanced Part 2 which was shot yesterday and will soon go online.

And my personal soapchallange for 2021 is far from over!

Your Barbara


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