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Every now and then it excites me to work with special shapes. This time I would like to introduce you to the Divider. A mold with divisions that allows you to separate the soap glue.

As always, the difficulty lies in catching the soap glue at just the right stage.

Although I reinforced the dividers with rubber rings to increase downward pressure, the first and second poured soap glue still flowed into the middle section. In the end, no problem, because you can plane off the lowest, thin layer.

After pouring, I still quickly marbled with a chopstick.

As a base in the recipe, it had to be olive oil and shea butter. Scented was with sage, rosemary and mint.

After shaping the soap block, it goes to the cutting. With this soap, instead of cutting from top to bottom, the soap is measured and divided into blocks depending on the size of soap you want.

These are then cut horizontally into pieces to best show off the pattern.

Once again, I am in soap bliss!

Fancy refining your technique and taking your soap boiling to the next level?

Then check out my trailers for my online soap boiling courses for advanced, maybe that's something for you?

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