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Marbling soaps with natural colors

Natural colorants give handmade natural soap a very special touch.

You have many of these colorants at home, such as turmeric. You can achieve radiant shades of yellow with turmeric. Charcoal has a deep cleansing effect and gives you elegant shades of gray. Clays not only nourish your skin with minerals, they also give your soap stable colors.

The charm of natural colors lies not only in their variety, but also in their unpredictability. Each soap pour with natural colorants can vary slightly, giving your soap a unique and individual character. The slight nuances and variations in the colors create a harmonious overall picture.

When experimenting with natural colors, it is important to be patient and open-minded. The end result may not always be exactly what you want, but that's where the appeal lies.

In my intensive soap boiling workshops, you will learn all about the use of natural colorants and how to marble your soaps with natural colors!

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