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One of my favorite natural-based dyes is INDIGO.

Available in powder form, it reliably colors soap glue from light blue/grey to dark blue. The blue is delicate and not obtrusive. A harmonious and natural shade that is also relatively colorfast compared to other natural colors.

The powder is black at first glance. I dissolve it in a neutral oil and stir it in afterwards after thickening the soap glue.

The home of the indigo is India, China and Africa and belongs to the legume family called Indigofera tinctoria.

The valuable dye indigo, which produces a deep blue to violet, is primarily extracted from the plant.

The plant dye is called indican and is obtained by soaking the leaves. Enzymes ensure that indican is broken down. Fermentation transforms it into the indigo dye.

Today it is extremely difficult to buy natural indigo, it is mostly produced synthetically.

When it comes to dosage, "less is more" and half a teaspoon is enough to achieve a strong medium blue in the soap glue.

Yours Barbara


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