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For this year I have planned a lot, a new online course is buzzing around in my head. On the subject of natural cosmetics, there are also many ideas that have been postponed and finally want to be lived. And of course soap, soap and soap again.

In the next few weeks, I will work intensively with milk soaps and salt soaps based on olive oil, the optics of course must not fall by the wayside. And here are some technical challenges to master.

But before that it had to be a soap for my loved ones, Valentine's Day is coming! Others give flowers, I give soap! Is so. Was so. And will remain so, I think.

Before Christmas, my second mainstay, wild herbalism, took a lot out of me. A store and some unique products were created. With great attention to detail, handmade greeting cards, flower arrangements and plant prints were created. Who has become curious, take a look at

My course program is also already again and here are the upcoming dates. In March, there is again a course for advanced to deepen techniques and design possibilities. The course will be very individualized, problems will be discussed and together we will refine the technique.

I hope you are in good spirits despite the freezing cold.

Happy Valentinesday!!!

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