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A popular recipe for beginners is the 25 recipe. The name comes from the fact that the base oils & base fats are each divided into 4 x 25%. It looks like this:

25 % coconut fat

25 % palm fat

25 % olive oil

25 % rapeseed oil

So we have a total of 50% solid fats and 50% liquid oils, which makes for a balanced base fat for beginners. Not too soft and not too solid either. The soap glue is easy to work with, doesn't stay liquid too long, and doesn't solidify too quickly either.

Of course, this recipe can be modified as desired, the only important thing is that the solid fats should be 50% and the liquid oils should be 50% as well, especially if you don't want to use palm fat, for example, or if you simply can't tolerate or don't have an oil or fat available.

A variation could look like this:

50 % coconut fat

25 % sunflower oil

25 % olive oil


30 % coconut fat

10 % cocoa butter

10 % shea butter

25 % canola oil

25 % olive oil

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