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Planned for a long time but there was never enough time to finally deal with the project resin soap. My this year's Soap Challenge wants to find a continuation.

Noble and simple was the vision and as a basis it was clear from the beginning that it had to be high quality olive oil. A spruce resin oil extract in 20% proportion for skin in need of care was prepared. The resin was cleaned beforehand. After that, it was ground and then dissolved in olive oil.

To support the scent of the resin, I added a little cedar and pine essential oil.

The longing for green in my bathroom took over and Spirulina Presslinge give my resin soap a beautiful and rich green. Springtime in the bathroom!

The soap is a wonderful skincare experience when used and it was well worth the work. Small injuries have healed quickly and my chapped hands have recovered quickly. And the scent is a sensation.

For those who are now curious, there is an online course suitable for the topic of resin soap - bile soap - smear soap for advanced. More info at




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