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Soap boiling for advanced users Part 1:Special Techniques & Design options | Duration: 75 mins.

Soap boiling for advanced users Part 2: Special Techniques & Design options

Duration: 80 minutes

Soap boiling for advanced users:soft soap & Gall soap & resin soap

Duration: 53 mins.


With professional support, I will guide you through the three online courses for advanced learners. Theory and practice is structured in blocks and explained in simple steps. The online courses have no time limit and you can watch them as often as you like and learn from home according to your own schedule and pace.

Soap boiling for advanced users Part I and II + soft soap

  • Advanced (Part 1)


    • Color naturally
    • How can I influence the soap glue?
    • Raw materials science
    • Soap tools


    • Layering techniques
    • Marbling
    • Inlay work
    • Pull through techniques, tips and tricks


    Advanced (Part 2)


    • Create your own recipes
    • Change raw materials in existing recipes and take NaOH into account
    • Thin soap glue
    • Soap molds, tools


    • Pot swirl
    • Marbling
    • Insertion technique
    • Kaleidoscope technique


    soft soap


    • What is potassium hydroxide and how do I calculate it?
    • Soft soap recipe
    • Bile dosage and function
    • Collect, clean and process resins


    • soft soap
    • Gall soap
    • resin soap
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