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Basic soap boiling course: Ideal for beginners | Duration: 55 min.
Soap boiling for advanced students Part 1: Special techniques & design options | Duration: 75 min.
Soap boiling for advanced students Part 2: Special techniques & design options | Duration: 80 min.
I will guide you through the three online courses for beginners with professional support. Theory and practice are organised in blocks and explained in simple steps. The online courses are unlimited in time and you can watch them as often as you like and learn at your own schedule and pace from home.

Soap boiling for beginners and parts I and II for advanced boilers

  • Basic course


    • What is soap made of and how is it made?

    • Knowledge of raw materials: oils & fats, moisturising ingredients

    • Hazardous substance caustic soda, handling, storage, calculation

    • Maturing time, storing and cutting soaps


    • Production of soap using the cold process

    • Basic soap boiling technique explained in simple terms

    •  Two-coloured soap

    • How do I determine the pH value?

    Advanced (Part 1)


    • Natural colouring

    • How can I influence the soap glue

    • Raw material science

    • Soap tools


        Layering techniques
        Inlay work
        Pull through techniques, tips and tricks

    Advanced (Part 2)


        Creating your own recipes
        Changing raw materials in existing recipes and taking NaOH into account
        Thin soap glue
        Soap moulds, tools


        Pot Swirl
        Inlay technique
        Kaleidoscope technique

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