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soft soap & Gall soap & resin soap | Duration: 53 minutes

An ecologically “clean” household was and is a personal concern for me. The versatile use of soft soap and gall soap (stain soap) has been forgotten and is now an integral part of my household. And if you want to make a very special, nourishing soap for heavily used hands, you can't avoid resin soap. Best with self-collected resins from spruce, larch or pine. Once used, you will appreciate the nourishing properties and the difference.

Soft soap-gall soap-resin soap

  • Theory:

    • What is potassium hydroxide and how do I calculate it?
    • Soft soap recipe
    • Bile dosage and function
    • Collect, clean and process resins


    • soft soap
    • Gall soap
    • resin soap
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