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Online Courses

I explain in simple steps how to make your own individual natural soap. With my courses you can learn where and when you want, they are independent of time and place and available for you online on Vimeo at any time. You learn about and understand the saponification process. Theory and practice combine to give you the basic knowledge you need to work independently at home. I offer online courses for beginners and advanced students with no time limit. You can buy the respective courses directly.


For each course you will receive:

  • Detailed script to download

  • Checklist for download

  • Soap recipe for download

If you have any questions, please send me an email to:

Gift certificate for my courses


If you would like to give away workshops or online courses as a gift, you are welcome to order a voucher (also available as value voucher) in my online shop. With digital vouchers (PDF) of Seifensieder you can do something good for your loved ones and the environment.

Online basic course

Soap boiling (basic course)

New: With subtitles in German, English and French

Soap boiling from the beginning
Duration: 55 Min | Cost: 60€

I will lead you through the online course with professional guidance. Theory and practice is explained in simple steps. The Soap Boiling Online Basic Course is available as often as you like. You can learn at your own schedule and pace from home.


  • What is soap made of and how is it made?

  • Raw material science: oils & fats, what are the properties of e.g. olive oil and shea butter in my soap?

  • Hazardous substance caustic soda

  • Maturing time, storing and cutting soaps.


  • Production of a soap in the cold process

  • Basic technique of soap boiling

  • Two-colored soap

  • Determining the pH value

The soap boiling "basic course" video is now available with subtitles in German, English or French! Whether you want to delve into the intricacies of soap making in your native language or brush up on another language, you can easily switch on the subtitles when needed to enjoy the course to the fullest. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of soap making, learn new techniques and discover the art of boiling at your own pace. Have fun exploring the world of soap!


Gutschein für meinen Kurs


Wenn du den Online Kurs "Grundkurs" gerne verschenken möchtest, kannst du gerne einen Gutschein in meinem Onlineshop bestellen. Mit den digitalen Gutscheinen (PDF) von Seifensieder kannst du nicht nur deinen Liebsten sondern auch der Umwelt etwas Gutes tun.

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